Two constables face loss of careers and reputations over minor car parking bump

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A three day misconduct hearing scheduled for 30th, 31st May and 1st June, 2023 could see the end of the careers of two West Yorkshire Police officers.

The panel, chaired by an as yet un-named legally qualified chair will hear allegations against PC Maguire and PC Yamin, both of the force’s Halifax District, concerning breaches of Police Regulations listed variously in the notice of the hearing as Honesty and integrity, Orders and instructions, Duties and responsibilities, Challenging and reporting improper conduct.

WYP say that on 21st June 2022, PC McGuire was on duty and the driver of a police vehicle, responding to an incident at a care home in Halifax. PC 6886 Yamin was in company with him and a passenger in the same vehicle.

It is alleged that;

On arrival, PC McGuire reversed the police vehicle and collided with a stationary vehicle belonging to a member of the public. There was a bang and PC McGuire told PC Yamin that he had just crashed. As a result of the collision, the other vehicle involved was damaged and scratched. PC McGuire parked nearby and then both got out of the police vehicle, but neither officer stopped to assess the damage to either of the vehicles involved in the collision.

Whilst dealing with the incident at the care home, PC Yamin viewed the CCTV, but purposely skipped the footage showing the collision so that it was not seen by staff at the care home. PC McGuire later reported the incident to his supervising officer at the police station and told him that:

a, Whilst moving the police vehicle, he heard a noise;

b, He therefore got out and checked both the police vehicle and the other vehicle for any damage, but there was none;

c, He then saw a can in the road which he believed he had run over and this had in fact attributed for the noise which he had heard.

Based on this account, the supervising officer did not submit a police collision report. This account was incorrect, but PC McGuire nevertheless recorded it in his pocket notebook.

Despite being on duty and being involved in a road traffic collision, PC McGuire and PC Yamin failed to:

Notify Force Communications or his supervision of the full circumstances of the road traffic collision, or

Attempt to identify and exchange details with the keeper of the other vehicle involved.

When PC McGuire became aware that the owner of the other vehicle had made a complaint about the collision, he accessed the relevant police incident log from his device whilst off duty and without a policing purpose. PC McGuire obtained the complainant’s mobile telephone number from the incident log and subsequently sent her a message at 23:32 hours on 21st June 2022 from his own personal mobile telephone, apologising for the incident.

Amongst the range of disciplinary sanctions open to the Panel, in the event the allegations against either or both are proven, are dismissal from the force without notice.

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