Another social media ban for ‘The Malicious Beggar’

Miah dreaming of pots of money

In a turbulent week in Tameside, unemployed ‘political activist’, Raja Miah has received yet another Facebook ban over what he has described as ‘a post supporting terrorism’.

A post that is said to have also attracted the attention of Greater Manchester Police, following complaints by several high profile figures in neighbouring Oldham. The town that Miah claims he speaks for in its entirety, even though he hasn’t lived there for 18 years; he plots with fellow ‘insurgents’, whom self-style as The Rabble, to ‘take it back’. Whether that is to the sleepy, upmarket commuter village of Mossley, where he lives, or elsewhere, is not quite clear.

Miah, in his own words, has also come close to another ban on YouTube as he persists with his routinely defamatory and harassing posts from his discredited Recusant Nine social media platforms. He is presently on court bail facing a criminal trial at Manchester and Salford Magistrates’ Court on 16th August, 2022 (read more here). He has pleaded not guilty and claims his arrest was ‘politically motivated’ and carried out by police officers whom he regularly asserts are ‘paedophile protectors’. 

His ingenuity in creating schemes, by which he leeches money from his supporters in an almost endless variety of ways, has earned him the apt nickname of The Malicious Beggar. Not least because a significant proportion of The Rabble, his eternal money fount, are either pensioners, disabled, vulnerable, mentally ill, intellectually challenged or delusional. 

There is also a criminal, thuggish element at the core of his support network: Notably, Oldham’s most prolific and notorious burglar, Garry Dunkerley, presently competing with Miah as the Borough’s most mendacious liar; racist, riot-starting football thug, Steve Walsh and convicted harasser, Kaiser Rehman.

Miah is also particularly close to people-trafficking, tax-dodging local councillor Montaz Ali Azad and a convicted fraudster who sits in the same Council chamber, Cllr Brian Hobin. The latter is Group Leader of the perennially disgraced Failsworth Independent Party (FIP), identified recently by the charity, HopeNotHate, as a haven for racists and the far right (read more here).

Miah was name-checked in that HnH report, as were FIP’s Chair, Kathleen Wilkinson and her husband, ex-cop, Cllr Mark Wilkinson, who both appear to have no issues keeping this class of company. Garry Dunkerley, whose main social media handle is ‘Duggy Dunk’ amongst an array of other trolling, abusive aliases, is described as ‘a family friend’.

One of The Beggar’s key allies and fundraisers, Yvonne Errock, a persistent, offensive stalker and troll on many of Oldham’s public and private websites, also suffered a ban this week: Not for the time, suspended from the Twitter platform over ‘hateful conduct’. This time it appears as though it may be permanent. This followed the departure from Twitter of another of The Rabble’s super-trolls, Anita Lowe, whose complaint against a local councillor led to the unearthing of hundreds of offensive posts on that platform that had been archived by a covert group of anti-fascists. 

Both Mrs Lowe and Mrs Errock are expected to be centrally involved in protest marches ahead of what is likely to be a tense and controversial Oldham Council meeting later today at which the long awaited report into historic child safeguarding will be discussed (read more here).

Raja Miah and The Rabble are angry over the curt dismissal of their core claim, over the past three years, which is that local councillors, and in particular the Labour Party, covered up child sex abuse in return for Asian block votes from mythical ‘Cartels’. 

The police are expected to be highly visible in and around the Civic Centre attempting to minimise disruption and to ensure safe passage into the meeting of elected Members and officials.

A live feed from the council session will be posted elsewhere on this website starting at 5pm (see here). The time at which The Rabble say they are gathering at the Annie Kenney statue in Oldham town centre. 

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