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To aid readers of this Neil Wilby Media website an essential lexicon of populist tropes, words and expressions trotted out by an unemployed, samosa-nibbling former Tandoori takeaway worker, from Mossley in Greater Manchester, has been assembled.

Bradford-born Raja Miah, 49, is the Region’s most notorious conspiracy theorist, running frequently banned social media platforms under the Recusant Nine banner. Presently on both court and police bail over harassment and malicious communication allegations, he denies any wrongdoing (read more here).

He also faces at least one potentially life-changing defamation claim brought by nationally known health campaigner, Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE (read more here). Another claimant is waiting in the wings to launch court action against Raja Miah, depe.

This list is far from exhaustive: Other contributions are most welcome.

Abdul Jabbar

Accelerated Special Measures (as in GMP)

Ali Akbar

Amanda Chadderton

Amy Walker

Andy Burnham

Arooj Shah (as in Raja helped massively in getting the Leader’s role back)

Asian Cartel (central figment of Raja’s violence fantasies)

Bangladeshi Nonce

BARDOC (as in mountain out of molehill)

Battle lines (see also ‘Taking back our town’)

Block Votes (see also Postal Votes)

Brian Hobin (see also Traitor)

Brother Jamal (as in Jim McMahon MP)

Buy Me A Coffee (as in keep sending me your money, mugs)

Cartel Controlled Council (Oldham)

Cess Pit (as in Oldham Council)

Charlotte Green

Children of Our Town (slogan intended to add legitimacy to fake campaigning)

Chris Bowen (C/Supt and GMP District Commander)

Chris Dean (Dawn-raiding GMP police inspector)

Coalition of Independents (Warren Bates plus anyone daft enough to join him)

Coliseum (another bandwagon jumped on and just as quickly jumped off)

Community Funded (as in keep sending me your money)

Council Controlled Local Media (as in Oldham Times and MEN)

Corrupt Council (Oldham)

Cover-Up (as in just about everything)

CSE Inquiry (as in the one the Home Office turned down)

Daddy (as in Rochdale paedophile Shabir Ahmed)

Debbie Abrahams MP (see also Debbie Kashmir)

Debbie Kashmir (see also Debbie Abrahams MP)

Dirty Harry (as in Harry Catherall OMBC chief executive)

Dr Zahid Chauhan (as in Raja’s nemesis)

Elizabeth Drogan

Fake Defamation Claim (as in one he lost and another he currently faces that he’ll also lose)

Fake Liberal Metropolitan Elite (as in local and regional journalists)

Firebombing of Council Leader’s Car

FOI (as in unlawful misuse of that device against OMBC)

Gangsters (interchangeable with Goons and Mobsters)

Gangster’s Moll

Goons (see also Mobsters, Gangsters)

Glodwick Goons (interchangeable with Pakistani Goons)


Howard Sykes (as in data leak to Neil Wilby)

Independents (election candidates who need Raja to think for them)

Insurgents (see also Taking Back Our Town)

Irish Imy

Jeni Harvey

Jim McMahon MP

JMW Solicitors (as in Raja’s worst nightmare)

Joshi Hermann (see also Silk Pyjamas)

Kenneth Blain (GMP inspector – as in yes Raja you are a police informant)

Labour Leader (can vary over time)

LibDems (as in Labour ‘sidekicks’)

Malicious Blogger (see also Neil Wilby)

Malicious Prosecution (see also C/Supt Bowen)

Mark Kenyon

Metropolitan Liberal Elite (as in local and regional journalists)

Mirpur Mafia

Mobsters (see also Goons, Gangsters)

Murder Plot (alleged conspiracy by Jim McMahon, Sean Fielding and Neil Wilby)

Murder Plot 2 (any mild criticism of Raja by people he repeatedly insults)

My Town (see also Our Town)

My Legal Team (mostly don’t exist or have sacked Raja)

Neil Wilby (see also Malicious Blogger, Proven Liar, Racist piece of shit etc etc)

New Supporter (as in someone just bought a samosa)

Oldham Council (run by Mobsters, owners of Oldham Times and MEN)

Oldham Times (see also owned by Oldham Council)

Our Town (see also My Town)

Proven Paedophile Protectors [alleged] (see also GMP)

Pakistani Goons (see also Glodwick Goons)

Paul Bentwistle (see also Borough Solicitor)

Paypal (as in send more money)

People Of My Town (150 Rabblers)

Politically Motivated Arrest (interchangeable with Political Prosecution)

Postal Votes (as in exchange for CSE ‘cover-up’)

Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble)

Racist (as in any mention of Bradford or Tandoori takeaways)

Racist and Far Right (as in too many of Rabble)

Racist Piece of Shit (see also Neil Wilby)

Rape Gangs (interchangeable with Pakistani Rape Gangs)

Sam Al-Hamdani (as in Coliseum Trustee)

Samosa (as in buy me one)

Samosa Nibbler (as in Raja Miah, nibbler in chief)

Sean Fielding

Silk Pyjamas (as worn by Joshi Hermann)

Simpletons (as in Saddleworth Tories)

Smuggled Out (as in saw it in a WhatsApp group)

Subscription (as in keep sending me more money)

Tahir Mushtaq (another Raja nemesis)

Take Back Our Town (see also Insurgents)

Take Them Out (as in leaflet smear campaign)

Thank you to everyone that has contacted me (as in GMP, JMW Solicitors)

Thick As Pigshit (as in Failsworth Independents)

Townsfolk (as in residents of Mossley?)

Traitor (see also Brian Hobin)

Tyranny (see also Oldham Council and Dirty Harry)

Willaboobies (see also Neil Wilby)

White Working Class Children (see also Emotive Tropes)

Zahid Chauhan (see also Nemesis)

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