Never rains but it pours


Problems continue to pile up for a notorious, unemployed Tameside-based conspiracy theorist as all the indications are that he is currently serving bans handed down by social media giants, Facebook and YouTube. Upon whom he depends heavily for income streams.

Bradford-born Raja Miah, 49, out of work since 2017 until a recent, but brief, spell as a Tandoori takeaway worker broke the spell, was, not so long ago, banned by Facebook on a regular basis. The longest lasting for his infamous Recusant Nine platform being five weeks .

More recently, his routinely outrageous posts, often featuring violent and/or rape fantasies, inevitably punctuated by the blatant untruths and defamatory smears that have become his trademarks, have remained almost entirely untouched despite multiple complaints.

Over the past two months, Miah has claimed, both on his Recusant Nine Facebook posts and during his live ’emergency transmissions’, that YouTube has taken down at least seventeen of his broadcasts from their platform following what he says are ‘fake’ defamation complaints. Remarkably, given their usual ‘three strikes and out’ rule, the Google subsidiary allowed Raja to continue to broadcast his divisive, hate-fuelled smears on an almost daily basis.

An alternative view, put forward by a former supporter, is that Miah was taking the YouTube videos down himself as ‘proof’ that there was an Establishment conspiracy against him.

But the last YouTube broadcast, and indeed the last Facebook post on Recusant Nine, was on 12th February, 2023. Absent of a ban, an unprecedented gap. Remarkably, it was an unvarnished, left-field attack on Oldham Athletic football club and its recent saviour, and popular local entrepreneur, Frank Rothwell.

He has continued, meantime, to make increasingly desperate, intemperate, defamatory posts on his Ghost-hosted Recusant Nine website and on Twitter where he styles himself as ‘Recusant Raja’.

They include the propositions that, firstly, Greater Manchester Police are using police informants to fabricate allegations against him and, secondly he says, that one of his recent transmissions ‘was reported to Facebook and YouTube for inciting terrorism’.

Given that Raja Miah, completely absent of cogent evidence, regularly frames the entire Pakistani community in Oldham as paedophiles or child rapists, claiming, remarkably, to know to which house (or houses) young white working-class girls are allegedly taken, such reports from outraged members of that group would hardly be surprising.

As for police informants, that is a subject upon which he can, indeed, claim expertise as, in April, 2021, he posted on his own Recusant Nine Facebook page, since removed, an analysis by a GMP detective inspector as to why the police, broadly, regard Miah as one: Few, if any, in the force’s history are likely to have made as many complaints about those he perceives have slighted him. Including against that same police officer, against whom Raja now bears a significant and frequently ventilated grudge.

‘The Malicious Beggar’, as he is now known widely on social media and in WhatsApp groups, complained at the beginning of February, 2023 that he was losing Recusant Nine subscribers and sponsors at an alarming rate. The financial burden now falling on those supporters who remain, an unpleasant hardcore of political malcontents and axe-grinders, whom appositely self-style as The Rabble (or Raja’s Rabble), will, inevitably, grow even heavier.

Almost all the Rabblers are on State benefits, in one form or another, yet some pay as much as £50 per month to read or watch what amounts, most of the time, to narcissistic, repetitive drivel, honed to inflame what many neutrals classify as a low intellect, largely far right audience. Peppered with an uncomfortable ratio of some of Oldham’s worst criminals, thugs, racists and perverts.

A lesser criminal member of their group, although a regular offender and currently serving a suspended prison sentence, Gary Leese, pleaded guilty to common assault at Tameside Magistrates’ Court last Friday after The Rabble disrupted two successive Oldham Council meetings last Summer (read more here).

Raja Miah, whom despite his long-term unemployed status, operates from a plush apartment in Mossley, an upmarket east Manchester commuter town, drives a top of the range BMW and a high-powered Kawasaki motorcycle, backed up by a rare vintage Jaguar car in storage, was arrested in a dawn raid at his home on Thursday 9th February, 2023 on suspicion of at least one malicious communication offence. He was released on bail, wearing what he describes as prison clothing, later the same day (read more here).

Soon after his release from police custody he called a public meeting in Oldham town centre to announce his intention to stand as a candidate in the next general election. Just seven members of The Rabble turned up to hear his ‘symbolic’ speech in which he likened himself to Winston Churchill.

This latest Miah misadventure has brought about a report to the Electoral Commission as he is already, against regulations, describing himself as a ‘Parliamentary Candidate’ (read more here).  The only two Facebook posts signed off in that way were quickly removed.

He is already on long term conditional court bail and facing trial over allegations that he harassed a 40 year old lawyer from the Salford area, via his Facebook and YouTube output. He entered a not guilty plea at an early stage in what are now remarkably elongated proceedings (read more here).

A second harassment allegation from a different complainant is currently awaiting a charging decision from the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

Following enquiries at the Royal Courts of Justice in London (RCJ), it was confirmed that Miah, as a lay litigant, filed a defence running to thirteen pages on 14th February, 2023, the last day possible, in a defamation claim brought by nationally-known health campaigner, Dr Zahid Chauhan OBE. The claim was served on the defendant on 17th January, 2023 (read more here).

He is subject to a Penal Order in another defamation claim brought against both him and Khazir Rehman, another criminal member of The Rabble serving a suspended prison sentence, by Oldham councillor, Cllr Riaz Ahmad, that finally concluded at the same RCJ on the same day as Miah was filing his defence to Dr Chauhan’s claim.

‘Kaiser’, as Rehman is better known, now faces a costs and damages bill of just under £200,000 (read more here). Raja, in a rare display of wisdom, compromised that claim at an early stage with a  public apology, removal of disputed material and a donation made to charity in Cllr Riaz’s name.

A third defamation claim against the exiled Yorkshireman is awaiting a third-party funding decision prior to a pre-action protocol letter being issued.

Raja Miah routinely denies wrongdoing: In most, if not all cases, claiming he is being politically persecuted and the subject of far reaching and collective conspiracies against him that encompass, at the very least, the police; the CPS; many local councillors of varying political persuasions; senior paid council officers; local community champions in Oldham; at least three MPs; several Mayors; the His Majesty’s Leader of the Opposition; the legal profession in Manchester; a growing number of statutory regulators; and a large number of local, regional and national journalists.

The latter group incudes, of course and most notably, the author of this article, Neil Wilby.

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